Supernovas never die, they explode generating new stars


Earth. Our beautiful blue green marble, bursting with life. It’s never been so fragile, so in need of our care. To protect it, we’re told to stop using, stop flying, stop buying. But does caring more mean living less? Not for us. We’ve stopped asking people to live less and started asking ourselves to design better. Not just single products. But the whole process. We create beautiful, useful and endlessly recyclable objects designed to preserve the beauty of our planet. Which means you can get back to enjoying life to the fullest. After all, isn’t that why we’re all here?


We are a circular design company.

We transform waste and unwanted materials into design pieces and furniture that can be endlessly recycled; and give people freedom to buy, swap or return our products. This means they we are 100% circular, as they can be recycled for ever.


We design, produce and distribute our own line of furnitures and objects in partnership with top-class creatives from all over the world.



We partner with corporations, municipalities, architects and trailblazers to create circular design products and projects.