Give plastic waste
an Afterlife!

Our first easy-to-assemble
100% recycled, 100% recyclable
furniture collection designed by
the Rotterdam-based duo, Odd Matter.

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Supernovas revolutionises the way furniture and products are designed, manufactured and consumed.

We challenge top creatives to transform waste and unwanted materials into recyclable design objects and furniture; giving customers the freedom to buy, swap or return them. Because life changes, and so do our products.

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Volta by Paula Cademartori


by Paula Cademartori

Made with recycled PETG plastic, Volta is a collection of multi-functional pieces with architectural-like shapes and beautiful colours.

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Afterlife by Odd Matter


by Odd Matter

Made with recycled LDPE and PET plastic, Afterlife is the first easy-to-assemble furniture collection, designed by the Rotterdam-based studio.

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100% recycled,
100% recyclable.
You do the maths.

The timelessness of a product is important but regeneration of the materials is much more. Supernovas’ products are created to be endlessly recyclable.

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Earth. Our beautiful blue green marble, bursting with life. It’s never been so fragile, so in need of our care. To protect it, we’re told to stop using, stop flying, stop buying. But does caring more mean living less? Not for us. We’ve stopped asking people to live less and started asking ourselves to design better. Not just single products. But the whole process.

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